A Reiki Master

Reiki Master Mikao Usiu

To understand what and who a Reiki Master is, let’s step back for a moment and define what Reiki is. The term Reiki has Japanese roots and can be basically described as Life Force Energy. Truly, Reiki implies universal intelligence or Higher Power while Ki which is pronounced as “chi” …

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Sei He Ki -The second Reiki symbol

The second Reiki symbol - Sei He Ki 1\

The second Reiki symbol Sei He Ki , which often called as the harmony symbol, is basically aiming to our mental state and mind.  This Reiki symbol draws subtle energy in a gentle way which is necessary to alleviate our feeling of sorrow and suffering. Let us discuss a little about …

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Chokurei – Reiki Power Symbol

Reiki Power Symbol: Cho ku Rei

In Reiki traditions the chokurei power symbol is used for increasing the power of Reiki that emanate from the hands. This symbol symbolizes the earth which sustains all living things.  With this symbol we can send a strong energy aiming mostly on shapes (Physical/solids). Earth has rhythm and consciousness which …

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