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What is Reiki Ryoho?

Reiki Ryoho

Reiki represents in Japanese, the spiritual, sacred (referred to by some as “universal”) energy that is the essence of all existence. Ryoho means healing method, therapy or remedy. These words together, Reiki Ryoho, describe a system of wellness and enlightenment, generated through spiritual energy. The Usui method to achieving personal …

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Are there any other Reiki Benefits?

  Apart from the various health benefits which one can experience from receiving a Reiki treatment, there are also numerous other Reiki benefits. One would normally not know about these Reiki benefits, until such time you attend a Reiki Workshop, or you decide to study Reiki, or you sit down …

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Sei He Ki -The Mental and Emotional Reiki symbol

The second Reiki symbol - Sei He Ki 1\

The  Reiki symbol Sei He Ki , which often called as the harmony symbol, is basically aiming to our mental state and mind.  This Reiki symbol draws subtle energy in a gentle way which is necessary to alleviate our feeling of sorrow and suffering. Let us discuss a little about …

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