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Reiki Chakras

Although there are hundreds of energy centers (Chakras) in the human body, you will learn about the seven main Reiki Chakras. These Reiki Chakras play an integral part in the human energy system (otherwise known as the human Aura) and our overall wellbeing. These Reiki Chakras may be compared to …

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Are there any other Reiki Benefits?

  Apart from the various health benefits which one can experience from receiving a Reiki treatment, there are also numerous other Reiki benefits. One would normally not know about these Reiki benefits, until such time you attend a Reiki Workshop, or you decide to study Reiki, or you sit down …

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What is a Reiki Attunement?

What is a Reiki Attunement? 1

In the article about learning Reiki, we mentioned the word “Attunement” several times. A Reiki Attunement is performed by a Reiki Master on the Reiki student. This is an initiation into Reiki, which opens the student, in order to channel Reiki. When performing a Reiki Attunement, the Reiki Master uses …

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